Aeroo Reports for Odoo v11 crowdfunding

 Aeroo Reports for Odoo v11 campaign

Despite the latest version of Aeroo Reports being for Odoo v8, it remained the favourite choice for a big number of Odoo and Python (yes, Aeroo Reports library can be used for other of your Python projects as well) developers around the world. Very often community contributions are just not enough to sustainably develop and maintain Free Open Source Software projects, now this is the time, we need some funding from you, the community. More info on INDIEGOGO

Lots of new features in Aeroo Reports v1.2.

Just released a new version of Aeroo Reports for OpenERP 6.0.x/6.1.x/7.0.x

New features and changes: 
  • Direct print to server-side configured CUPS printers (report_aeroo_direct_print module);
  • Two classes of default printers (label and general purpose) per report/user;
  • Direct print wizard with selectable printers;
  • Configurable deferred (aka batch) reporting (deferred_processing module);
  • Option to replace (override) other reports;
  • Format conversion and subreport semaphores;
  • OpenOffice restart command, used on conversion fail;
  • Currency-to-text plugin interface for adding new languages;
  • Currency-to-text new languages (lt_LT, es_ES, tr_TR);
  • Currency-to-text new currencies (MXN, LTL, TRL);

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OpenOffice service setup in Windows for Aeroo Reports


Continuing Aeroo Reports for OpenERP  development video howto's series for beginners.

OpenOffice service setup in Windows environment for Aeroo Reports additonal reporting output formats, such as pdf or xls.

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